C is for cookie? Oops- cactus!

Day 3 of the Nature A to Z challenge and I’ve chosen the cactus. The Prickly Pear is the only cactus native to New Jersey. My wonderful neighbor shared a piece of her cactus with me a few years ago after I had admired her beautiful plant in full bloom. My plant has grown very well, but has yet to bloom.

Last winter a pad fell off and I planted it in a small pot hoping it would start a new plant. Much to my surprise, this little guy bloomed! I was amazed that such a large flower could come from such a small cactus. I would love to visit the desert in Arizona to see it in full bloom- it must be spectacular!

#bekindtonature #backyardnature #pricklypear #cactus

3 Comments on “C is for cookie? Oops- cactus!

      • We have been to Vegas twice in March/April and found purple flowers starting to flower on cactus there. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Arizona, but it was in the spring. 🙂


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