Hydrangea starts with H and happens to be one of my favorite flowers! This beautiful bouquet came from my backyard last year. #bekindtonature #backyardnature

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! I believe if we all make a commitment to do something good for nature, we can have an impact. Plant a tree, provide a birdhouse, start a butterfly garden. We can all help Mother Nature. Please share what you are doing in your part of the world!

G is for grass

Getting a close up photo of a blade of grass is interesting. Learning more about why grass is good for the environment is even more fun! Of course a nice, plush green lawn looks pretty, but it also helps to clean the air. Just like all other living plants, it traps carbon dioxide and releases…

F is for feather

Feathers serve several important purposes in a bird’s life. The most obvious is to enable flight. But they do a few other things. Feathers can help a bird blend in to avoid predators. Some birds use their feathers to show off during mating rituals. Feathers also provide warmth and help to keep the birds dry.…

E is for earthworm!

E is for earthworm. Weird choice? Not for the Nature A to Z Challenge! Earthworms do a few essential things that help our gardens. They eat decaying leaves and plants which they return to the soil as nutrients. They also aerate the ground by making tunnels underground. I’m happy that I found this earthworm so…

D is for daffodil

D is for daffodil. Often the first flower to appear in early spring, it symbolizes rebirth and hope. Happy Easter everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day with your family!

C is for cookie? Oops- cactus!

Day 3 of the Nature A to Z challenge and I’ve chosen the cactus. The Prickly Pear is the only cactus native to New Jersey. My wonderful neighbor shared a piece of her cactus with me a few years ago after I had admired her beautiful plant in full bloom. My plant has grown very…

B is for bluebird

I couldn’t pick just one photo for today- bluebirds are my favorite bird and I love to photograph them! So i decided to post the pics from last spring when a family nested in our backyard birdhouse and raised 5 babies! Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the pictures. #bekindtonature #backyardnature #bluebirds

A is for ant

I’m starting a daily challenge post today! Nature A-Z. When I first reviewed my photos of this beautiful peony (which came from my grandmother’s yard), I thought the ant had ruined the shot. After a bit I realized how much the ant added to the interest of the picture and it is now on of…


Last weekend the weather was so nice it was impossible to stay inside. I coaxed my husband into a hike instead of a movie and off we went. One of the most interesting things I noticed that day was the trees. I tried out different angles and light and I was pretty happy with the…


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