B is for bluebird

I couldn’t pick just one photo for today- bluebirds are my favorite bird and I love to photograph them! So i decided to post the pics from last spring when a family nested in our backyard birdhouse and raised 5 babies!

Mom and dad picking the box and working on the nest.
Flying in with some finishing touches to the nest.
Little baby blue comes back for a visit!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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4 Comments on “B is for bluebird

  1. You did Bluebirds too! I took the day off yesterday. Scheduled my posts and went birding! Great photos! I would love to get a photo of bluebird eggs. We just had Bluebirds in our yard for the first time last year. They are still around. I saw a couple of them a few days ago hanging out in the front yard. 🙂

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    • Hi Lisa! We have a local Bluebird Society and they educate how to help the bluebird population. They came out and tagged our 5 babies. If you look closely, you can see a tag on his left ankle. 💙

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      • I saw that! That is really exciting. I think I need to find some taggers to tag our Carolina Wrens. I don’t know if the babies come back or if it is the same adults. I know we had 3 fledge last April because all 5 of them were in the backyard for a while until the babies could get their wings. We have so many birds and varieties, ornithologists would stay busy! 🙂


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