Feeding the birds

I love feeding the birds in my backyard! Some people find birds scary or annoying. Beside their beauty, they serve an important purpose on earth. Some spread seeds and others pollinate plants. Many birds eat bugs- goodbye mosquitos! I find bird watching to be relaxing.

Especially during the pandemic, I found bird watching to be a great stress reliever. I starting taking pictures and enjoy identifying the different birds that come through our backyard. I even participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count and have joined our local Bluebird Society.

Last spring, I found an injured baby downy woodpecker. It could climb up the tree trunk, but would fall. It looked like it had a wing injury. We took him (affectionately named Gregory Peck) to our local wildlife rehabilitation center. We were so happy to learn a few months later that his wing healed and he was released back into the wild!

Winter feeding is very important to help birds keep their body prepared for the cold weather. It’s amazing to watch the birds eating during a snow storm. I made a snowman feeder which attracted the birds and made a perfect spot for picture taking!

#bekindtonature #nature #birds #birdwatching

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