then along came 2020……

The New Year started with hopes for a healthier year for me. After multiple hospitalizations, I was on a path to better health. But I also had a longing to be more aware of the waste I was generating and to take steps to reduce my carbon footprint. So I made that my New Year’s resolution. I didn’t fully understand what it meant, but my mind was open to learning.

February brought another hospital stay, but I finally had a diagnosis and a doctor who could help. I’m forever grateful to him. Through it all I continued to work full time, taking as little time off to recover as I could. By month’s end, the news was full of scary stories about a new virus we would all soon learn about- COVID-19. I became paralyzed with fear and thought I would be vulnerable to this new virus. I was fortunate to already be working remotely so my job wasn’t impacted, until the shocking layoff that happened the end of April. I was devastated. My world was shaken and I had no idea what to do or where to go.

That spring and summer was a gift of time for me to focus on myself. I tried to fill my days with the things that brought me joy. I found myself spending more and more time outside in my backyard and making amazing discoveries almost every day! Nature is truly amazing and it’s right under our noses, but do we really take the time to notice? How amazing is a hummingbird?

I want to share what I’ve learned and what I’m learning by becoming more aware of waste and how it affects nature. In the next year, I would love to connect with at least 1000 others who will commit to at least one change. Imagine the impact as we multiply the positive effects!

Some of the topics I plan to include are composting, reducing waste, recycling, backyard nature, bird watching, and many more.

#zerotohero #nature #birds #environment #kindness

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