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be kind to nature etsy shop

This week I opened an Etsy shop! I wanted to share my love for nature with everyone, so I created t-shirts with the Be Kind to Nature logo. I am just getting started! I have a lot of ideas for what’s coming next! I… Continue Reading “be kind to nature etsy shop”


Snow. It seems that most people either love it or hate it. I love it! This week I had the opportunity to really look at snow and I wanted to share my pictures with you. Snow requires two things, freezing temperatures and moisture. Within… Continue Reading “Snowflakes”

Feeding the birds

I love feeding the birds in my backyard! Some people find birds scary or annoying. Beside their beauty, they serve an important purpose on earth. Some spread seeds and others pollinate plants. Many birds eat bugs- goodbye mosquitos! I find bird watching to be… Continue Reading “Feeding the birds”

butterflies are free to fly

If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies. Author Unknown I love to watch butterflies in my backyard but it seems the last few years, their numbers have decreased. I decided to create a butterfly garden in a small area of my yard so… Continue Reading “butterflies are free to fly”

oodles and oodles of bottles!

One of the things I wanted to do in 2020 was to become more aware of my use of plastic and to find ways to reduce it. I started thinking of the products I use every day. So many!! Where to start? I decided… Continue Reading “oodles and oodles of bottles!”

bluebirds of happiness

My son gave me a bluebird house for Christmas 2 years ago. I was so excited to place it in the yard and watch the bluebirds arrive. The first spring I had no luck. But this spring I was lucky enough to witness the… Continue Reading “bluebirds of happiness”

then along came 2020……

The New Year started with hopes for a healthier year for me. After multiple hospitalizations, I was on a path to better health. But I also had a longing to be more aware of the waste I was generating and to take steps to… Continue Reading “then along came 2020……”