oodles and oodles of bottles!

One of the things I wanted to do in 2020 was to become more aware of my use of plastic and to find ways to reduce it. I started thinking of the products I use every day. So many!! Where to start?

I decided to start with frequently used bathroom items, so shampoo became the chosen product. In our master bathroom shower, we had 2 different bottles of shampoo and 1 conditioner. Surely I could make a change here. So I started to research what options were available. I am pretty particular with my hair products, so I knew I would be taking a huge step to make this change.

I discovered HiBAR on an Instagram post and read the reviews. It sounded pretty good and their mission matched mine, so I ordered my first HiBAR! https://hellohibar.com/pages/questions

When I received the cute little bars I couldn’t wait to try them out! Again- while I wanted this to be great, I was very skeptical. Much to my surprise I really enjoyed it from the first wash. The lather was great, it smelled nice, and my hair felt super soft. The next test would be my husband-another skeptic. I have to say he had no complaints and uses it every day!

So now our shower only houses our body soap and my cute shampoo and conditioner bars, neatly stored on a bamboo soap dish. I love the product and what the company is doing. The product packaging is compostable and the shipping package is recyclable.

I figure this change should amount to at least 100 less shampoo and conditioning bottles from my household. Multiply that by many more families and we have the power to make a change! What product should I tackle next? What changes have you made?

#hellohibar #environment #nature #composting #shampoo

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